There is nothing better than adding some ice in your glass for an absolutely fresh drink. However, you wouldn’t just use some random coarse ice because aesthetic and taste also matter. You therefore need an ice crusher that makes you pretty pellets in no time. There are several models of ice grinder available on the market, this picking one could be a difficult task. Here are 5 of the best ice crushers to help you pick yours.

Costzon Electric Ice Crusher

The Costzon Electric Ice Crusher has all the features of the perfect ice grinder. Measuring only 6.7 x 10.5 x 18.1 inches, it can crush about 26.5 lbs of small or large ice cubes per hour. It’s that efficient because it’s equipped with advanced shaving blades. Made of stainless steel, it will be a pretty item in your house or your restaurant because if its sleek design. But more than that, The Costzon Electric Ice Crusher will make high-quality shaved ice for a very long time. It’s rust resistant so your ice will always be clean and the the unit has a longer lifespan. The ice grinder comes along with an ice container that can store up to 12 cups. It’s transparent, this it will allow you to observe the crushing process. The only drawback of the Costzon Electric Ice Crusher is that – as its name implies, it needs power to work. However, it’s 4.5 ft cable makes it somehow compact.

ZENY Ice Shaver

Like the previous model, the ZENY Ice Shaver is also an electric device. It’s a highly efficient since it can make 143 lbs of crushed ice per hour. And it only takes seconds to generate the first batch of fine ice because its steel blades’ speed is up to 2,000 runs per minute. That would only imply that it’s bigger and is more suitable for a commercial use – it can operate up to 20 hours without stopping. However, this 17.5 x 8 x 12-inch ice crusher will find its place among your kitchen collection. Besides, it has a sleek appearance that fits anywhere but is also a quite quiet unit thanks to its plastic rubber fit that reduces noise. Adding to its thoughtful design is the automatic shutoff when the hopper handle is opened. Built in waterproof stainless steel, the ZENY Ice Shaver will stand years even if you use it intensively.

Zalik Ice Crusher

Weighing only 1.65 lbs, the Zalik Ice Crusher can be brought literally anywhere. Besides being lightweight, this ice machine doesn’t need electricity. Equipped with a manual crank, the ice grinder is easily operated and can be used by anyone. You just have to turn the crank clockwise to get fine pieces of ice. For more crude ones, operate the other way around. To prevent the ice or the device from falling or slipping, make sure it’s placed on a level surface. To be more even certain of the ice grinder’s stability, turn its base to the left. That will activate its non-slip suction option. Regardless of its weight, the Zalik Ice Crusher’s container can hold up to 50 ounces of shaved ice. However, it’s not as sturdy as an electric device but it’s has a lifetime warranty!

Westmark Ice Crusher

The Westmark Ice Crusher is the most compact device. It weighs only 7 ounces! Besides, its two parts can be detached so it will fit easily in your bag or in a small gift box – yes, it could be a nice present for your party animal friends or relatives. Reassembling the Westmark Ice Crusher is as easy as removing its parts. You just need to hinge in the two separate parts and voilà! Put the ice in the crusher then press to get your shaved ice. Since it’s small, it can only crush a small portion so it’s ideal for a domestic use. Also, the Westmark Ice Crusher is very easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

Innovee Manual Ice Crusher

Like the one from Zalik, the Innovee Ice Crusher is a manual one, thus very easy to use. However, you have to turn the crank until you are satisfied with the ice size. But it’s a not a tiresome operation and is also very safe because the ice chopper is equipped with non-slip legs. It won’t move, slip or fall while you are crushing the ice. The Innovee Ice Crusher is built to last and to make high quality shaved ice. Rust-proof, it will always provide you with great clear ice. In case it breaks, you can get another one for free because it has a lifetime warranty.

Criteria to consider when purchasing an ice crusher

Given the variety of ice crushers, you should buy yours carefully. You need to take into account your needs and orient your choice based on them but also on your budget. What would be more suitable and affordable, a manual or an electric ice grinder? Which is a better option for your use, a stainless steel or plastic designed one? And last but not least, you need to purchase an ice crusher that makes the quantity you need in due time, thus you need to check the blades.