Maintenance of ice makers, a few instructions

When the hot weather is heating up, fresh drinks are always welcomed. They’d be available 24/7 when own an ice generator. It is important to keep your ice maker in shape for it to keep delivering good quality of ice and last longer in its home. Here are a few instructions to extend your ice machine’s lifespan.

Foresee all possible eventualities

Most people neglect maintaining their ice makers and get surprised when they get faulty. As a matter of fact, taking care of your appliance on a regular basis makes it last longer. Try and clean the ice machine once a week, if it’s actively used. Your device will keep creating high quality ice during its lifetime. Also, the ice maker probably comes with a manual instruction. Read it thoroughly to figure out how the appliance should be used and everything else you need to know. If, for some reasons, you are facing a problem that is not mentioned in the manual, the Internet could be a great help. Join forums to share and read experiences with your ice maker and eventually learn more about it.

Think safety and avoid trouble

Despite finding its place effortlessly, there are safety precautions when installing an ice maker. The main thing you must be sure of is that it’s put on a perfectly level surface. Said place should also be dry place and be far from the fridge. Two coolers with the same terminal next to each other may collide and cause an accident. Another thing you should be careful about is the quantity of water. Ensure that it’s the right amount and it won’t overflow. Otherwise, the excess of water will spill out into the motor. That could affect the sensor and thus, the quality of the ice. Your device will ultimately break down.

Clean the inside of the device first

Now that you are aware of the importance of maintaining the ice maker, know how to clean it. Generally speaking, you have to unplug the device and empty it out. It means taking out all removable parts and scraping out the remaining frost gently. Polish the evaporation plates, the air filter, the reservoir and the fan with a soft fabric. The cloth should be dry because the ice maker is an electric device. You can nonetheless use a cotton terrycloth towel that has been slightly soaked in soapy water. To decontaminate the whole ice maker, rinse it with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.

Save scrubbing the outside part for last

Cleaning the outside of an ice machine is definitely the easiest part. You just need to wipe it with a slightly wet cloth then with a paper towel, and it’s done! Save this step for last so you can let the other components dry before you reassemble the ice maker. That will prevent potential issues for future uses and will make mending the device easier. When it’s all done, wait 10 minutes before plugging it then proceed to check if the ice machine is working correctly.