Fresh drinks all along summer!

Summer is all fun and games until the heat becomes unbearable. When it’s getting hot, an adult should drink at least 1,5 litres of water every day to stay hydrated. Other drinks also count, and fresh ones are always welcomed especially given that we get thirstier during summer. If you are home, you can get cool drinks anytime thanks to your fridge. It’s more complicated when you’re outside or on the road. There are nonetheless devices you can carry everywhere to keep your drinks cool. Find out what they are!

A cooler, everyone’s refreshment in one place

The cooler is the typical equipment for anything fresh. It has been designed to keep a constant temperature and to be easily used. All you need to do is to fill it with ice cubes. Save some space for your drinks, though – since they are what you’re going to keep fresh! Some models are electric-powered and don’t need ice cubes if plugged, thus allowing more drinks in. How many of them a cooler can hold depends on its size. If everyone agrees on drinking the same beverage, there are also coolers that allow you to pour your drink in and then serves it through a tap. The only rub of a cooler is that the bigger the size, the more cumbersome it is. It this therefore more convenient for a picnic or camping.

An insulated thermos, a cold drink at hand

For hiking, an insulated thermos is more practical. It works the same way an icebox does. It keeps your drink hot in winter and cold in summer. But it is way smaller than a cooler and thus lighter. It fits easily in your backpack. You can therefore trade your water bottle with an insulated thermos. However, it can only contain at most 1,5 litres of a drink. In other words, it is basically meant for a person and for a long walk, chugging is not recommended.

A portable ice machine, cocktails upon request

You are going to host a party? Owning a portable ice machine will provide you with ice cubes in no time to refresh your drinks! Besides, it doesn’t consume much energy. Some ice machines also allow you to choose the shape and the size of your ice cubes. The device can produce about 10 to 15 kg of ice daily. If we speak minute, the ice maker creates around 9 ice cubes within 6 to 10 minutes. No matter how many people you invite over, you will never out of ice and keep serving fresh drinks! Since the ice machine are small, you can bring them anywhere! They’ll fit easy in-between luggage. A stay home or a moving ice-machine, you’ll certainly find one to your liking here.

When the heatwave is hitting, a fan keeps you cool but not hydrated. Yet, the latter is essential to stay healthy during summer. Thus, you should drink the necessary volume of beverage even if you are not home. For fresh drinks anywhere and anytime, you can choose between a cooler, an insulated thermos and an ice maker.

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