A need-oriented choice for your ice maker

Whether it’s a cocktail or a juice, everyone would always fancy a fresh drink during a party, thus you need ice cubes. Besides refreshing, they also keep your foamy and sparkling beverages cool. Ice cubes also come in handy to treat sprains from being tipsy or dancing too much. More than a decorative touch, an ice machine is a must for parties, and you need to choose it carefully.

A device that makes life easier

Having to go to the store in the middle of a party to buy ice cubes? You’re so over that! An ice maker lets you enjoy it at its fullest. It provides you with enough ice cubes within minutes. All you need to do is to fill the water reservoir, choose the shape and the size and let it run. Ice machines either have an alarm, lights or both to let you know when the ice is ready or to report an issue. Most of the devices also come with a bucket and sometimes a scoop or a shovel that make collecting the ice cubes easy. Thanks to an ice machine, you won’t ever run out of ice and miss a bit of the party!

An ice maker that fit your style

Nowadays, brands do work on the aesthetic of the ice machines so you can display your device anywhere. Size, design, colour and performance are all taken into account. There are now hundreds of models among which you can choose. There are smaller but nonetheless powerful ice makers that find their places easily in your kitchen or on countertops. There are also bigger ones that blend with ease with their environment. Fancy or clean, you will certainly find an ice machine that fits the setting and that is to your liking out there.

A professional device for extensive use

Beyond the aesthetic and the size, an ice machine should also be able to generates the amount of ice you need. If you’re running a café, a restaurant or a pub, you might need a professional device like the Polar Ice Machine or a E20+ one. It has a huge ice tray that lets you store the ice cubes, so you won’t run out of ice. With 20 kg or more ice supplied daily, you are sure to serve fresh drinks 24/7. Your customers will certainly rate you five stars!

An affordable ice machine for domestic use

If you are purchasing an ice machine for a domestic use, an E15- model like the Polar T315 is good enough. First, because you hardly need 20 kg of ice cubes everyday and second, you won’t always have enough space for a bigger device. A small device fits easily in your kitchen. Besides, many of the E15- ice makers are portable. They weigh around 10 – 15 kg. You can bring yours anywhere – for a party at your mum’s or when camping. You can also put an ice machine of this size on counters, if you don’t need a large quantity of ice to run your business.

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