5 tips when buying an ice machine

One wouldn’t make a big deal out of ice cubes until they’ve run out of it. That is why you need an ice machine! With the good deals all over the Internet, finding one should be easy. However, you should pick your choice of ice machine carefully because you don’t want to buy one every year! You should therefore consider the 5 following criteria before your purchase to get a device up to your standards.

A size that fits the chosen space

Your budget is obviously a major factor that dictates your choice of ice machine. However, for safety and practical reason, you must consider its size. The dimensions of the ice maker should match with your needs in ice but also with the designed area. Device for domestic use is usually placed on the kitchen counters. If you are thinking of a recess installation, you need to make sure that the it’s big enough to hold the device and to let you use it with ease.

A design that matches with the setting

Even if you have to find the right size, that doesn’t mean you have to choose an ice machine that isn’t to your liking! There are hundreds of models and you’ll certainly find one you love. The ice maker should also match with the decor and thus could be placed subtly anywhere in the room. Pick a colour in harmony with the remainder of your equipment. You can choose a black or a white ice machine. These two colours always match with everything!

An ice machine that produces the right amount

Whether you need the ice maker for professional or domestic use, you need to consider its capacity. However, the way it’s expressed is often ambiguous: E25W, E25E and so on. E followed by a number is the volume the ice maker can produce daily. For instance, E25 means 55 lbs or 25 kg every 24 hours. As for W and A, they tell the cooling method. W for water, A for air. For domestic use, the E13 models like the hOmeLabs or the Aicok ice machine are more than enough.

A device that allows you to choose the shape and size

There are load of ice cube shapes and about three size for different uses. Choose your ice machine depending on the shapes you need but also on how many sizes it offers. Having multiple choices for the latter is the best so the ice cubes fit all container. Most devices, like the Vremi or Kealive oness, have two sizes: small and large. The Jago, for instance, has 3 sizes.

A smart designed appliance

Last but not least, think about the convenience of the ice machine. Can it produce the right amount of ice within minutes without consuming energy? And on top of that, it’s quiet? That is an ice maker you should purchase! Intelligent features like automatic stop, warning lights and alarms are also great. You won’t have to check if everything’s is fine every minute!

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